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The Start class

The Start class serves to initialize and run the JAS-mine simulation engine and to define the list of models to be used. The Start class is designed to handle two types of situations:
  • performing a single run of the simulation in interactive mode, through the creation of a Model and related Collectors and Observers, with their GUIs;

  • performing a single run of the simulation in batch mode, through the creation of the Model and possibly the Collectors; this involves managing parameter setup, model creation and execution directly, and is aimed at capturing only the simulation’s numerical output;
Note that in order to run the simulation many times, it is necessary to use the the MultiRun class instead of the Start class.  For more information, see this tutorial.

The Start class must implement the ExperimentBuilder interface, which defines the buildExperiment() method. This method should create managers and add them to the JAS-mine engine. In the example below, a model called DemoModel is created and run in interactive mode:

public static void main(String[] args) {

    boolean showGui = true;
    SimulationEngine engine = SimulationEngine.getInstance();
    MicrosimShell gui = null;
    if (showGui) {
        gui = new MicrosimShell(engine);


public void buildExperiment(SimulationEngine engine) {
    DemoModel model = new DemoModel();
    PersonsCollector collector = new PersonsCollector(model);
    PersonsObserver observer = new PersonsObserver(model, collector);                           engine.addSimulationManager(model); engine.addSimulationManager(collector);                            engine.addSimulationManager(observer);