JAS-mine is free software and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. If you use or refer to JAS-mine in a publication, we ask that you cite the JAS-mine reference paper. 

JAS-mine Plugin for Eclipse IDE

The JAS-mine Eclipse plugin makes it very simple to create new JAS-mine projects from scratch. Read our tutorial on how to get started and use the JAS-mine Eclipse plugin.

Apache Maven

We recommend the use of Apache Maven to manage the building of a JAS-mine project and its dependencies.

With Maven, you don’t have to download JAS-mine and keep your projects aligned with the newest JAS-mine version you have in your system: Maven does everything for you!  Each project you’ll create will point to a specific version of JAS-mine and a copy of the required libraries will be automatically downloaded to your computer.  If you want to use a newer version of JAS-mine for one of your projects, you simply specify it in the Maven project's POM.xml (Project Object Model) file.  This way, you might have different projects using different versions of JAS-mine, but you’ll be always sure they work as expected.

Maven now comes pre-installed with the latest version of Eclipse (since the Luna release), so there is now no longer a need to install it separately.  To use Maven, see this tutorial.

Demo Models

Demo models can be downloaded here, or on the Sourceforge website at

JAS-mine .jars and source code

If you wish to download the executable .jars without using Maven, you can download them from the Sourceforge website at

The source code for JAS-mine is available as repositories on GitHub.  The core libraries can be found at and the GUI libraries are at