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As JAS-mine supports a clear distinction between modelling classes and data structures, parameters are loaded and stored in a specific class, in the data package. This makes it easy for the user to find and modify the set of parameters that control the model.  

Note that a set of other parameters that influence the model are found in the MacroModel class annotated with @GUIParameter (see Box 2 of The Model class), which means that these parameters are picked up by the JAS-mine Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allows the user to easily change the values from the GUI, even during the simulation by pressing on the 'Update parameters in the live simulation' button.  (Note that only those parameters that are in continuous use by the simulation will respond to changes during the simulation; those parameters used only at initialization will remain fixed during the simulation).

The user can also control aspects of the simulation's data output and charting in the GUI via the GUI parameters of the MacroCollector (see Box 1 of Data Output) and MacroObserver (see Box 1 of Charts) classes respectively.

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