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1. Aim

Aim of this demo is twofold: (i) show how the JAS-mine simulation platform can be used to combine features of both agent based and microsimulation models, and (ii) show how to use JAS-mine persistence engine to save on the database aggregate statistics computed at runtime.

With respect to the first issue, combining the two modeling approaches poses a number of challenges:

  • loading a possibly large number of parameters as well as the initial population;
  • keeping track of the evolving population and not only of macro outcomes over time;
  • modeling the interaction between the agents.

With respect to the second issue, macro outcomes can always be obtained post mortem using the saved micro data if the whole population is persisted. However, if one knows in advance that he/she is interested only in (a limited number of) summary measures, it might be sensible to compute and save only those statistics rather than persist the whole population. Since one of the key architectural concepts of JAS-mine is to keep the code where the model is specified (the Model and the Agents classes) separate from the code which tells what to do with the simulated data, the task is entirely performed by the Collector.

In this demo model, it is possible to specify in a parameter frame whether a synthetic population is constructed based on a few parameters (which specify, among other things, the distribution of individual characteristics in the population), or whether a fully detailed initial population is loaded from the input database. It is also possible to specify, in another parameter frame, whether the whole population or some aggregate statistics only computed at runtime are persisted in the database.

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